Kayak Tour Group Size

Though San Juan Kayak Expeditions has been around for 38 years, we have not stopped protecting our precious island environment throughKayak Tour Hiking San Juan Island adhering to Leave No Trace camping, promoting public awareness and maintaining small tour groups.  The tenet that sea kayaking is an environmentally friendly activity gets lost when companies irresponsibly forget the esthetics of the sport and lead groups of 15-25 paddlers into a finite area.  Large group size means these trips are less safe and have a hugely negative effect on local coastlines and wildlife.  Sea kayaking is a beautiful sport, but not when large armadas of kayaks dominate the horizon. We stick with our founding policies by keeping our sea kayaking tour group sizes small and respecting the local flora and fauna.   Also, kayaking with orca whales means taking responsible steps to insure they are not impacted by our presence.  Adhering to whale watch guidelines and limiting the sizes of our tours puts us ahead of the pack for responsible sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands!