FAQ...When is the best time to see Whales?

Kayaking with Whales ToursHistorically (remember we have been sea kayaking these waters for four decades!) May and June have been the best months for seeing Orca Whales.  The last few years, our common sitings of whales have spanned through July, August and into September. In addition to seeing resident Southern Resident Killer Whales, we are seeing more transient, Orcas and  migratory Humpback Whales throughout the summer season.

Although whales siting are not a guarantee nor should they be expected, wildlife viewing in the San Juan Islands remains diverse and abundant.  Other sea mammals you may encounter include Harbor Seals, Dall's Porpoise, Harbor Porpoise, Minke Whales, River Otters and Stellar Sea Lions.  Sea mammals are just a part of the kayaking experience in the San Juan Islands.  We would be amiss not to mention the numerous birds, inter-tidal zone plants and animals, land mammals, unique trees and shrubs, mountain vistas ... that await you!

The longer you're out paddling your chances of wildlife encounters increases.  We offer sea kayaking whale watching trips ranging from a 3-hour day trip to 5-day camping trips.  One thing is for sure:  you won't see orca whales unless you get out there, and our quality tandem sea kayaks are the best way to get a front row seat!