Photo Pictorial

Want to see something amazing?  Our website is comprised purely of photos taken by past guests.  You won't find that anywhere else, and itSan Juan Kayaking is a testament to San Juan Kayak Expedition's 38 years of safe, fun and educational sea kayak tours in the San Juan Islands.  The slide shows and header pics at the top of every page will take you on a journey through the San Juan archipelago without taking a paddle stroke, but you might still be tempted to sign up.  Why?  Because you can't experience the fun of our kayak tours at home or from the office. Plus, none of these photos has sound.  To hear the whoosh of an orca whale's breath, the slap of a humpback whale's breach or the cackle of a bald eagle's call is worth the real price of admission.  The water's murmur at the changing tide, the wind in your kayak's sail, the crackle of a driftwood campfire are just some of the sounds audible from the silence of our sea kayaks or cozy campsites.  Get on board, join one of our sea kayak adventures in Washington State, then submit your best photos.  I could be thanking you for your contribution to our photo pictorial.  Best, Tim Thomsen