Kids and Sea Kayaking

Guided Kayak Trip Friday HarborIf you are considering bringing your young children on a sea kayaking tour in the San Juan Islands, think again.  These inland waters can be very unfriendly when winds and/or tides are strong even on just a three-hour tour.  Youngsters in a tandem kayak can present potential problems in inclement conditions, because they are usually not able to assist in propelling the kayak forward.  The pressure of paddling falls upon the adult/parent in the aft cockpit to do all of the work.  This can lead to an unsafe situation.  We limit the age of our participants to 10-13 years when using a triple kayak on our Griffin Bay and Whales Ho! half-day tours, 14-16 years on our Whales Ho! full-day trips and shorter multi-day expeditions and 16 years on our longer, more demanding multi-day trips or self-guided rentals. Other companies irresponsibly accept very small tykes without consideration of the dangers these waters can pose.  Please shop responsibly.