Sea Kayak Sailing

Tim Thomsen Kayak Sailing Friday HarborIt was 1984, and I was paddling down Baja’s eastern desert coast with an intrepid group of clients and a tail-wind gusting to twenty knots. On a whim, we attached our tshirts to our paddles and let the wind push us along for a mile or so. That was the birth of sea kayak sailing for me. On trips that followed over the years, I devised a way to attach the rain flies of our tents to two paddle shafts, and, later with a friends’ help invented the “boom stick” to support the sail on the forward, bottom edge. Finally, with the assistance of a bonafide sail maker in town, my kayak sailing system as it is today was born. Shortly after it’s inception, I hired a patent agent to submit the paperwork to the U.S. Patent Department and five months later the patent was accepted. In the meantime, I and my groups have enjoyed one of the most exciting means of sea kayak propulsion there is. My spinnakers allow us to sail our fully loaded double kayaks with the wind at steady speeds without paddling. My record top speed is 10.7 mph, while we have consistently sailed at 6 to 8 mph on many trips. No other sea kayak outfitter in the world offers this exciting sailing system. It is not a gimmick, but is one of many things that make our trips stand above all of the rest!