Great People!

Group Kayak in the San Juan IslandsAnother sea kayaking season has ended marking the completion of my 31st year. I led twelve trips this summer, and, I have to say, had some of the greatest people aboard! When you spend three or four days out there exploring the San Juan Islands, it is surely nice to have helpful, hard-working and adventurous folks along. That is what each trip had this year! We worked hard, played hard, paddled hard and laughed ourselves horse! We sailed our kayaks, paddled with orcas whales and stellar sea lions, and left the islands behind with only our footprints to give proof that we were there. By the end of each adventure, we were a “crack team” with camping and sea kayak skills down to an art. That is what my guided sea kayaking trips are all about! My sea kayak rentals offered a lot of adventurous paddlers the chance to get out there on their own. Every one of those folks returned with a new outlook on life and on themselves. They had met a challenge and succeeded, and they will take that accomplishment with them wherever they go.