Wonderful Story!

Kayak Group San JuansI recently received a registration form for my August four day trip from a family of five with three sons ages 21, 19 and 16. The mother informed me that, as a couple, they had taken a three day trip with me back in 1988(23 years ago), and that my son Ian, age 7, accompanied me in my kayak on that trip. They both found Ian so “inquisitive, intelligent and adventurous” that a year later, when their first son was born, they named him Ian after my son!! Wow! Years ago, I had a another couple come on a three day trip with me. The woman was about three months pregnant. We all had a great time exploring the San Juan Islands, and after the trip was over, we all went our separate ways. Sixteen years later and out-of-the-blue they signed up for another three day trip with their sixteen year old daughter! Incredible!

When you have been leading sea kayaking expeditions for thirty years as I have, your trips sometimes span generations! These stories touch me deeply, and I am proud to be able to relate them to you.