Toys on the Dashboard!

Toys on the Dashboard In 1986, while leading a six day kayak trip in Baja’s Sea of Cortez, I found a toy pig washed up on a remote beach where we were camping. By chance, I found another toy pig on another beach on the very next trip.  I kept them, and, upon returning to civilization, placed both pigs on the dashboard of my van. This was the start of a collection of toys(see photo above) found on my sea kayak trips on beaches or floating in the sea. Some were from Baja, but most were found in the San Juan Islands over the past 25 years!

The two pigs from Mexico’s Sea of Cortez can be seen in the photo front right and in the shovel bucket on the far right. The Barbie doll was found in stages:  the headless body was found on one three day kayak trip in the San Juan Islands, while a Barbie head was found a couple of weeks later. The doll in the sombrero in the back center was found on Sucia Island and was named Chucky!  My long-time friend and one-time client Karen made the shorts, t-shirt w/ San Juan Kayak Expeditions logo and even a small passport with his photo inside.

Each toy has a story from one of my sea kayak trips.  Meanwhile, the collection continues to grow each season. T

o accommodate this  growth, I have had to purchase a second van this year! Har!

Come join me for my 31st season of guiding sea kayaking expeditions in Washington’s San Juan Islands! There might be a toy in it for you!