Amazing Orca Whale Encounter #5

Sea Kayak Tour SailingMany of you know how exciting it is to sail one of my double kayaks in the San Juan Islands with a strong tailwind with my exclusive, patented sail system.  I had always wanted to take it a notch further and sail with whales!  In 2008 on a three day trip, my group and I finally got the chance. We had hoisted our spinnakers in Haro Strait moving north and back to camp after a day of adventure.  From out of nowhere behind us came a large group of orcas, but they veered out into the center of the strait, and, I thought, would never get close.  To our surprise, about fifteen whales suddenly changed direction and came directly at us.  We continued to sail as the whales swam, spy-hopped and dove around our kayaks.  We could see that they were enthralled with the bright, multi-colored spinnakers, and had come to us specifically to take a closer look.  As we moved gently forward by the power of the wind, we could here their excited clicks and squeaks, as they talked over what they were seeing with each other.  They would come directly up to our kayaks, and we could see their eyes looking up into the kaleidoscopic sails of purple, yellow, blue, pink and orange.  They had never seen anything like them before!

As we approached shallower water, the sub-pod of orca whales rejoined there families and friends out in Haro Strait.  We had sea kayak  sailed with whales, and none of us will ever forget the special bond we had with orcas in the wild San Juan Islands of Washington State!