Keeping In Shape

Stay in Shape for KayakingWith the long winter ahead, it is important to stay in good physical condition for sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands.  Really, spring/summer 2011 will be here before we know it, and it is actually easier to maintain muscle tone and strength/stamina through the winter than try to get it back all at once in May! I workout six days a week.  I swim a hard mile three days a week and play ping pong the other three days.  Don’t laugh!  I have been playing serious table tennis for three years now, and feel it is the greatest sport on earth!   A one hour session is a complete workout.  My ping pong buddy and I slam, dink, lob, dive and lunge and, after sixty minutes, are very tired and sweaty.  Before each session, I also do a series of three sets of each of the following weights/machines: lat pull-downs, push-ups, dips, chin-ups,  seated deltoid press, seated row pulls.  Of course, yoga, martial arts, rock climbing and anything that works the upper body and abs is good too!

This weekly regimen keeps me ready to paddle year-round, and it is fun!   Get ready for your San Juan Island sea kayaking trip in 2011 now!