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A Message From Tim

Winter, 2015

sea kayak sailingI think it all boils down to this:  Mine is a local company and the oldest,  most experienced sea kayaking outfitter in the San Juan Islands yet it is the smallest, and we like it that way!  By keeping my company small, I can hand-pick incredible guides and insure quality equipment and service.  I train each of my staff using the knowledge and experience I gained over more than 32 years of leading three and four day expeditions in the islands.  You won’t find that anywhere else!

My expeditions are a culmination of all I have learned over the past thirty-seven years of living and paddling in the San Juan Islands, and they continue to evolve as I inquire, observe and learn each season. The very fact that my company has been leading safe and educational kayak tours in the San Juan Islands for so many years is unique to the entire sea kayaking industry! These trips attract fun, well-rounded folks with diverse backgrounds, can-do attitudes and a love of adventure. My guide’s perfect safety record is a result of experienced, professional leadership and quality equipment. Our attention to detail and trip planning is unequaled anywhere else! Our sea kayaking expeditions minimize our footprint on the island environment.


kayak with whales orca kayak whale watching trips day tours kayak san juan islandsOur knowledge of this small corner of the world allows us to provide you with the best that the San Juan Islands have to give! Our commitment to offer you a high quality experience is taken seriously. We dedicate ourselves to and work hard toward that goal each year!”

May the tide be with you,

Tim Thomsen Owner/Guide


About Tim Thomsen

oldest kayak guide worldTim (65 yrs.) has been a resident and avid kayaker in the San Juan Islands for thirty-five years. He has owned and operated San Juan Kayak Expeditions for thirty-three years and has logged over 15,000 miles paddling in the San Juans! He has personally guided over 450 three and four day sea kayaking expeditions! His experience with orca whales in local waters is unmatched. In addition to paddling in the San Juans, he led his own 6 day expeditions in Baja’s Sea of Cortez for thirteen winter seasons. Tim is also a sea kayak sail inventor and patent owner! A Washington State native with a Bachelor of Science degree in horticulture from Washington State University, Tim speaks semi-fluent Spanish and plays classical guitar and alto recorder. In the off-season Tim builds driftwood birdhouses and plays some serious table tennis and swims three days a week. He has completed one marathon(one is enough!) and several triathlons. He is a weekly volunteer at the Friday Harbor Food Bank, San Juan Island Parks and Rec and the San Juan Island Library! Tim is also a world traveler. He has spent past winters traveling and kayaking through diverse and exotic regions of the globe(Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, Costa Rica). His latest expedition was a three week exploration of Nicaragua with wife Sally.