Sea Kayak Sailing

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When the wind is right, why not sail?  By golly on all multi-day trips we do, and it is pure FUN!! Using sails specially designed for kayak sailing and invented by and patented for San Juan Kayak Expeditions, you may experience the exhilaration of moving effortlessly through the sea at speeds from three to eight knots.  The photo above shows us making a two mile crossing at 7 knots(my wrist-mounted GPS gives me our exact speed)!  Sweet!

“I have been sailing on my expeditions for the last 15 years!  It is no gimmick just pure fun!  Kayak sailing more than doubles the excitment of the sport!  It is hard to describe the feeling in words, but, if conditions are right, I guarantee you it will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life!. One good wind and you will be hooked!”

kayak sailing

Using a combination of light-weight nylon sail with forward viewing window, paddles, a “boom-stick” and a following wind, you and your kayak partner may sail for distances of up to five miles at speeds faster than a kayak can be paddled! No other sea kayaking outfitter offers this safe, unique and exciting alternative means of kayak propulsion. Go with the flow!

Come give it a try!  When it comes to sea kayak sailing, San Juan Kayak Expeditions blows the competition away!

“I loved paddling through the islands along varied and pristine shores but, after that first day of feeling the wind in my sail, I must admit, I was addicted! Sailing that way opened my senses, and I couldn’t get enough! I marveled at the lingering smiles on all of our faces!  And it was a nice break from paddling. Ingenious, Tim!
Sharon Stranahan
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


“The beauty of your sailing system is it’s simplicity, and in the way kayak partners work together to “use the wind!”   I have never had so much fun!”
Natalie Negri
New York, NY
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