kayak tours san juan islandsOn our multi-day trips, we supply healthful, delicious breakfasts with gourmet, French-pressed coffee and fresh fruit and scrumptious, nutritious dinners cooked in the open fire or on campstoves and using only fresh ingredients. Meals are an important part of these expeditions. You will work hard each day and a nourishing meal every morning and evening is indispensable as well as a lot of fun. Enjoy pesto fettuccine with a “World’s Best” green salad, “Big, Honkin’ Killer” burritos with all the fixins or our own, original Griffin Bay clam chowder! You’ll enjoy every bite!

On our West-side Whales Ho! and our Griffin Bay Full-Day Tours, we provide a delicious deli sandwich with locally baked bread and deli-style smoked turkey and cheddar cheese with sprouts and tomato!  Want a veggie or a  dairy or gluten-free?  Just let us know.  Sound good?  Now add chips, a locally baked, giant oatmeal cookie and sliced fruit and savor the experience!

“I have never had such delicious camping food!  Just loved the Griffin Bay Clam Chowder, the Posey Island Pasta and Pesto and the Blind Island Big-Honkin’-Killer Burritos, but the fresh green salad, vegetables and fruit each day were a special treat!  Your meals are fun and fantastic!  Thanks so much! “
Karen Kunz
Seattle, WA