kayak tours san juan islands

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All expeditions are conducted with your safety as the main concern. Our equipment is new, top quality and Coast Guard approved.  It is kept over-winter in our own dry storage facility to maintain top condition.

Guides are experienced, knowledgable and have undergone intensive training.  They are experienced sea kayakers with a full working knowledge of how the equipment will perform in island waters.

Guides carry first aid kits, paddle floats, VHF radios, cell phones, emergency strobes, flares, charts and compass.

Boats are  fiberglass and top-of -the-line Seascape II’s by Northwest Kayaks. Paddles are carbon fiber Camanos by Werner Paddles.  You won’t find better equipment elsewhere!

“So many companies advertise “best equipment or newest equipment.”  From experience, I know that no one out there has equipment that stands up to ours for quality and newness!  No other outfitter has clients as satisfied with nor as proud of that equipment as those who paddle with  San Juan Kayak Expeditions!  We use quality equipment and years of experience to keep you safe!”


“I was impressed with the state-of-the-art kayaks, paddles and spray skirts. The boats were very fast, yet stable, and I appreciated the luxury and ease of the foot controlled rudder.  Oh, and the ThermaRest seat cushions made all the difference! Very comfortable!”
Maggie Kountz
Hawthorne, NV

“We absolutley loved paddling with you! The trip flowed so smoothly – it was obvious that you had been doing this for a while! We felt very secure under your leadership. Your equipment was awesome – new and professional. Great colors!! We were proud to be members of your expedition and will be again!”

Bill and Paola Conchi
Kenmore, WA