Briefing & Instruction


At the launch site, you will receive in-depth briefing and instruction. Instruction will include loading the kayaks, adjusting foot peddles and braces, proper use of spray skirts, correct paddling techniques, use of kayak sails, capsize rescue technique (dry), chart and navigation orientation, low-impact camping techniques, etc.  By launch time, you will have gained the knowledge to make you an efficient, informed and safe sea kayaker!

kayak san juan islands sea kayaking washington state paddle toursYou will begin your journey with a firm grasp of how to handle a kayak and what to expect once underway.  Our two-person touring kayaks are extremely seaworthy, easy to paddle, and very comfortable.

“Over the years, we have had a chance to watch other outfitters giving instruction on the beach prior to launching.  Let’s just say that there is no other company out there offering as organized and thorough an instruction period as SJKE, and it shows from our first moment on the water to our final landing”

“We wanted to learn to paddle correctly and increase our sea kayaking skills on our trip, and we really did!  Working together our group looked like seasoned veterans, smooth and in sync both in the boats and in camp! No one out there matched our proficiency!  And that made it so much more enjoyable!  Thanks, Tim for your knowledge and patience!”
Jason & Jody Mayberry
Beaverton, OR