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kayak whales san juans wa state orcaRugged and picturesque coastlines and an abundance of wildlife highlight all of my guided half-day, full-day and two, three and four day trips! With opportunities to sea kayak with orca whales, river otter, stellar sea lions, Dalls’ or harbor porpoise, harbor seals, bald eagles and much more, yours could be a journey to remember!

Our three and four-day adventures spend a day and a half in prime orca whale habitat giving you a very good chance to paddle with these majestic marine mammals!

On our multi-day adventures, you’ll see islands with names like Flattop, Sentinel, Canoe, Obstruction, Skipjack, Halftide, Whale Rock, Goose, Battleship, Barren and Blind(my trips show you more islands than any other company)! You’ll visit a pelagic cormorant rookery, pass near harbor seal haul-outs and traverse coastlines of rugged, towering, lichen-covered cliffs, deep Douglas fir forests and white sand beach! Quaking aspen, red-barked madrona, western red cedar and wind-sculpted Rocky Mountain juniper hem the shores, while around you fronds of giant bull kelp undulate in the current and glow like rusty, gold tendrils in the warm sunlight!

And if the wind is just right – hoist the spinnakers! Racing side by side with five or six colorful, double kayaks all with bright, billowing sails is exhilarating! As the sea rushes effortlessly past your bow and you feel the pull of the wind in your sail, it will all take your breath away! Sea kayak sailing really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience offered exclusively by San Juan Kayak Expeditions! Rig your sail(multi-day trips only)!

All of that is on the water! During beach breaks or in camp, we often have leisure time for tide-pooling, hiking, a horseshoe tournament, a nap or a book in a hammock, birding, or a card game! Sound like fun? It really is! Then, after dinner, how about a sunset paddle or hike?

Our guided expeditions are active, our trip routes are full of variety, our guides are fun and knowledgeable and our equipment is state-of-the-art!

paddle with whales san juan islands salish seaOn the last night of each multi-day trip(except the Two Day Orca Quest), we will set up our tents on a small island reserved for San Juan Kayak Expeditions and located on the edge of orca country! With a view west across Haro Strait into the Canadian Gulf Islands and north to the British Columbia Coast Range, you will feel perched on the edge of the world! In the final hours of the day, we’ll enjoy the warmth of a driftwood campfire and rehash the day’s events!

If you join us on one of our day trips, you will paddle the best equipment on the market today, choose to paddle in one of the most serene and scenic bays in the islands or spend a day in prime orca whale habitat and spend time with experienced, fun guides!

Come paddle and sail a kayak in the beautiful San Juan Islands with us! You’ll talk about your trip for years to come!



“Truly memorable! I don’t remember the names of all the islands we saw, but I’ll remember their rugged beauty! Loved the porpoise swimming around us during our sunset paddle, the bizarre madrona trees and the laughter around the campfires! Everyone was so friendly, fun, and helpful. I’ll keep with me many lifelong memories and friends.”

Bill Conchi
Kenmore, WA

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“It was wonderful getting to know everyone! The leadership, the camaradarie of the group and the resulting experience made this an amazing trip! It was the highlight of my summer!”

Mark Francis
Seattle, WA