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I had a wonderful time on your trip! It was absolutely amazing! Your incredible knowledge and expertise, combined with a warm heart and a great sense of humor made this an experience I will never forget! Thank you!

Audrey Scotti McGowan
Portland, OR

Thank you for a great kayaking trip! George and I had a blast! I was having happy dreams of kayaking in the islands for a full week after getting home. We enjoyed your company and felt safe under your watch. And you do boil a great kettle of water…ha ha! Food was fantastic! We sure enjoyed our group and I know half of the fun is helping out and being a team. You are so right about that! Your gear is excellent, well cared for and you have an organized system. Everyhing was amazing and sailing was a real kick! Thank you, Tim! We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Would like to be there all over again….we brought very happy memories home!”

George and Sue Kolb
Bend, OR

It was wonderful getting to know everyone! The leadership, the camaradarie of the group and the resulting experience made this an amazing trip! It was the highlight of my summer!

Mark Francis
Seattle, WA

It was wonderful getting to know everyone!  The leadership, the camaradarie of the group and the resulting experience made this an amazing trip!  It was the highlight of my summer!

Seattle, WA

I went with my 26 year old daughter for mom daughter trip AMAZING, absolutely…wonderful kayaks and equipment, our guide was Cole and he was fabulous. I really enjoyed this and plan on coming back next year with both daughters.

Trip Advisor

September, 2017

My husband and I took our first trip with Tim in 1988. We had such a wonderful time that we returned last summer to do a 4 day trip with our three boys, ages 15,19 and 22. This trip was an outstanding adventure for all of us! As we paddled along from one island to the next, we spotted seals lounging on rocks and poking their heads up out of the water, while Tim pointed out bald eagles perched in trees high above us. We even saw orcas spouting from a distance. We enjoyed the camaraderie of mealtime with new friends, and joking and laughing through games of Farkle by the campfire. The highlight of the trip came when we hoisted the sails (that were specially designed by Tim) and sailed our kayaks!!  It was exhilarating to be skimming across the water with the colorful sails of 6 kayaks billowing in the air. Tim’s sense of humor, incredible knowledge of the San Juan Islands and fun-loving spirit made this an unforgettable trip that will always be a treasured family memory.
Tesa Johnson
Fox Island, WA

I just wanted to say thanks again for a great trip. Learning to kayak, experiencing the moodiness and beauty of the islands from the best place imaginable (the kayak), seeing the sights/wildlife, all the laughs, the great camping food, the beautiful wake-up calls…all made for a fantastic, memorable time. You rock. Thanks!

Kari Tweiten
St. Paul, MN

“I have done two trips with San Juan Kayak Expeditions. They have very safe and fun guides who work really hard. I brought a group of 14 high school students last summer and EVERYONE had a blast AND a great experience. The guides went above and beyond to find interesting things for our group to see and do. We had a real adventure! I will bring back another group and will use San Juan Kayaks for any trip I do in the future.”

Greg Kelderman,
Applegate, California – Summer 2015

I’m so sorry this email took so long be sent!! Enjoy some kayaking with Orcas pics and the video that Ebru took. Best kayak trip ever!
Thank you San Juan Kayak Expeditions!

Trip Advisor

We enjoyed our trip so much and this CD is our way of saying thank you! You’re one hell of a guide and a special person to us – we’re very glad to have shared the experience with you!

Doug and Donna Fish
Sweet Home, OR

Thank you so much for giving me the most amazing kayak trip I may ever have!  You are an amazing guide!  You took the time to connect with each of us, and by doing so, made the trip a special experience! You gave me an adventure I can brag about for the rest of my life!

Meghan Bell
Seattle, WA

What an amazing experience we cannot stop talking about what an amazing experience we had with San Juan Kayak Expeditions! Anyone looking for a truly one of a kind trip to experience the San Juans should look into them! We went on a 5 day trip with a phenomenal guide and LOVED every minute of it. Truly a trip of a lifetime. Incredible gear, great food, camping was wonderful, company was great, Ty was so knowledgeable and friendly! Could not have asked for anything else! Thank you Thank you!

Just a quick Thanks for the great little adventure. My son loved it and so did I. Great boats, nice itinerary, we’ll do it again, my oldest son and I are thinking about late summer.

Bryan Crawford
Port Angeles, WA

John (our guide) was awesome, I really enjoyed the time we spent together driving through the island or on the kayaks. He gave us clear instructions, I learnt a lot of stuff ! The kayaks are of high quality, and the trip was beautiful.


Trip Advisor

June, 2017

Truly memorable! I don’t remember the names of all the islands we saw, but I’ll remember their rugged beauty! Loved the porpoise swimming around us during our sunset paddle, the bizarre madrona trees and the laughter around the campfires! Everyone was so friendly, fun, and helpful. I’ll keep with me many lifelong memories and friends.

Bill Conchi
Kenmore, WA

I just want to thank you again for a great expedition!  I know I speak for all the guys when I say your trip was the highlight of my summer!”

Dan Edwards
Sammamish, WA

My wife and I took a full-day kayak tour with Rob last July. We’re the ones who used a gift certificate that you donated to a school in Spokane.   We wanted to let you know what a memorable experience that was, and how much we appreciate you generosity. Rob did an excellent job as our guide. He was professional, knowledgeable, patient and had a sense of humor. I have spent many years in the San Juans, but that was my first experience kayaking. It gave me a new perspective being so close to the water. Thank you Tim and Rob!

Matt and Susan
Spokane, WA

I took my son on your kayak tour in 2007. We had the best vacation of our lives! I want to go again!

Janine Reeder
Denver, CO

We had two amazing guides that showed us a great time. The equipment was in terrific shape. We saw lots of wildlife and learned a lot about the area. Enjoyed a short hike to a fab lunch location at the lighthouse high above a cliff. Ocean for as far as one can see. Even though this was only my 2nd time in a kayak, I felt like a learned a lot and was confident in our adventure.  We want to thank you for a splendid trip! We especially enjoyed getting to know you, and we were very pleased with the mix of fellow patrons! Your skill, experience and your pleasant and appropriately firm guidance made for a very successful and enjoyable weekend!

Carleton and Laurel DeTar
Salt Lake City, UT

Wonderful trip, Tim! Your knowledge and expertise made it a special time and we all enjoyed learning from you! There will definitely be more sea kayaking in our future! Great job from start to finish!

Jennifer Jose
Cincinnati, OH

I can easily say that my experiences with this company and its employees was one of the best memories I have from my adventure.  We saw tons of wildlife on the first day including bald eagles, harbor seals, black oystercatchers and many others. After we set up camp and ate, we set out for a sunset paddle.  This was a highlight of the trip and I’ll never forget how calm it got at night.  I will definitely book more tours with San Juan Kayak Expeditions until I feel comfortable enough to rent a few kayaks from Tim and his crew and guide my own trip with some friends.

Trip Advisor Review 2016
Denver, Colorado

Just a quick thank you for the delayed kayak pick up, altered game plans, and opportunity to paddle the San Juan Islands.  Kevin loved it and cannot stop regaling everyone with stories. For his first vacation in a decade, he was more than impressed. We are both looking forward to a trip back, hopefully before four years goes by again. Perhaps we shall bring some friends next time.  Thank you for providing the kayaks, gear, plans, etc. You make my favorite vacation place available to the land lubbers.

Dana and Kevin
Denver, CO

We want to thank you for a splendid trip! We especially enjoyed getting to know you, and we were very pleased with the mix of fellow patrons! Your skill, experience and your pleasant and appropriately firm guidance made for a very successful and enjoyable weekend!

Carleton and Laurel DeTar
Salt Lake City, UT

I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing trip and experience.  My best friend Kelly and I both didn’t know what to expect and Tara surpassed anything we could have asked for! She is an excellent guide and very knowledgeable and fun! Thank you so much for taking us out and making our vacation extra special and memorable! We can’t wait to do it again!

Kelly Kennison
Tehachapi, CA

Our guide, Tara, was amazing! She was very thorough in the training before we went out and she really kept an eye on everyone in our group while we were on the water, always offering tips and encouragement where needed. Tara was very knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife and would point out things of interest.

Trip Advisor

          July, 2017

I have never had such delicious camping food!  Just loved the Griffin Bay Clam Chowder, the Posey Island Pasta and Pesto and the Blind Island Big-Honkin’-Killer Burritos, but the fresh green salad, vegetables and fruit each day were a special treat!  Your meals are fun and fantastic!  Thanks so much!

Karen Kunz
Seattle, WA

We really enjoyed our expedition with you. Especially your old-school style. Your experience and knowledge of the islands, wildlife, the water and tides–it made for an excellent trip. That kind of knowledge and experience is priceless! We appreciated your approach where kayakers and guide all pitch in with chores. Kayaking is all about doing. People wanting pampered luxury should check into a hotel. We’ve been telling everyone about San Juan Thanks!

CB Bassity
Chickasha, OK

We loved San Juan Kayak Expeditions! The owner, Sally, was so nice, helpful and friendly. Our guide, John, was just fabulous. Friendly, knowledgeable and just a great guy. I can’t rate this place highly enough!

Trip Advisor

July, 2017

Thanks for going beyond our expectations on our first Sea Kayaking experience! Can’t say enough about our guides Tara and Cole making our trip a very memorable one!! Their experience and knowledge of the islands, sea and creatures were amazing!! I have only been home less than a week and have passed on the experience to family and friends who hope to make San Juan Kayak Expeditions a life experience for themselves!

Trip Advisor

June, 2017

Just wanted to let you know we had an absolutely wonderful time kayaking. Although it was hard work, it was fun, especially once we got the hang of paddling. It was great to meet you and everyone else on the expedition. Thanks for showing us such a good time.

Larry and Sylvia Thomas
La Porte, TX

We wanted to drop you a line to say THANKS. We had a great time. The weather, food and the people really made this a trip to remember. I am sure you hear this all the time, but your sense of humor and your knowledge of the area are what make your trips so enjoyable. I will be in contact with you as we get closer to September to book our next trip. I have quite a few friends who will love to join us next year. Thanks again

Rick and Jeanne Thompson
Scandia, MN

I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me on this trip! Bob and I have very special memories of you, the group and the San Juan Islands!

Bob and June Safran
Berkeley, CA

Thanks for providing such great rentals and service! We had a great time last weekend. Can’t wait to do it again next year!  Enjoy this video of the trip!

Seattle, WA

Many thanks for a great trip!  The equipment was top-notch, route planning great, food was tasty and plenty of it and wonderful thoughtful touches to make the trip even more special – who ever heard of napping hammocks or wake-up flutes on a kayaking trip?  Next time we take the horseshoe championship from you!

Kevin and Pat Courtney
Morgan Hill, CA

“We absolutley loved paddling with you! The trip flowed so smoothly – it was obvious that you had been doing this for a while! We felt very secure under your leadership. Your equipment was awesome – new and professional. Great colors!! We were proud to be members of your expedition and will be again!”

Bill and Paola Conchi
Kenmore, WA

Our guide, JD, was wonderful! He was so polite, respectful, intelligent, patient, and most importantly, kind. My mother and I realized how challenging the work of a tour guide is, and we appreciate all the effort JD made to ensure our enjoyment, comfort, and safety.

Trip Advisor

June, 2017

We had a great day with San Juan Kayak, very friendly and professional. John was our guide, and he was awesome! His previous experience in botany made him a wealth of knowledge, and he was very friendly and engaging . The scenery was beautiful.

Trip Advisor

July, 2017

You’re one helluva guide and your knowledge about the island’s wildlife, botany, history and basic kayak skills/navigation is surpassed by none. Add to that your friendly personality and wit, one can never go wrong booking a trip with you. Keep up the great work. I’ll definitely be seeing you next year for your 30th season.

Lanny Moore
Tacoma, WA

Thank you so much for all your help and your kayaks. We had an amazing trip even with some strenuous paddling especially on the last day with the fog keeping us in camp late. I will certainly recommend you!

David Kerr
Oakgrove, OR

I have nothing but great things to say about my adventure in August with San Juan Kayak Expeditions. Everything was very well organized from the moment I signed up, and Sally was extremely responsive with all of my last minute packing questions by email. I travelled with a friend from the east coast, not quite sure what to expect, and was honestly blown away! Our guides were amazing!

Trip Advisor Review

Sarah and I wanted to thank you again for making our vacation to your backyard one we will never forget! Everything was top-notch including your jokes! Your passion for kayaking and years of experience made the trip a very special one for us and, I am sure, the entire group! We wish you all the best for the rest of this season and continued success in your 29th season! Thanks again!

Josh and Sarah Gorman
Arvada, CO

I just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic trip! It was so much more than I had hoped or expected! You have a very infectious enthusiasm for the San Juans, and even though I’ve visited there a number of times, I feel as if you showed them to me for the first time!

Garth Weber
Portland, OR

“I was impressed with the state-of-the-art kayaks, paddles and spray skirts. The boats were very fast, yet stable, and I appreciated the luxury and ease of the foot controlled rudder.  Oh, and the ThermaRest seat cushions made all the difference! Very comfortable!”

Maggie Kountz
Hawthorne, NV

Thank you so much for the boat rentals. The equipment was first rate! Sally, thanks for all your help, we all enjoyed speaking with you.

Joe Staiano
Seattle, WA

Just wanted to pass this video along to you.  Lindsey and I thoroughly appreciated everything you did for us from route planning to training.  It made for a relaxing and stress free adventure!  I wanted to let you see what we appreciated about the trip and the general feel of the San Juans.  Feel free to post this video, because we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and want everyone to know how much fun this can be.  We will be back again for another kayak adventure!

Lindsey Thurber/Owen McKee
Denver, CO

The beauty of your sailing system is it’s simplicity, and in the way kayak partners work together to use the wind!  I have never had so much fun!

Natalie Negri
New York, NY

Earl and I really enjoyed our kayak adventure with you! We have been telling our friends about your well organized and safe trips! We appreciate the good food, the great sailing and your trusty expertise on the sea! Thanks for your patience and excellent company! We hope to join you in 2005 for your 25th anniversary season! Our friends are interested too!

Linda and Earl Cook
Springbrook, WI

What an incredible experience and once is a lifetime adventure!  Thank you so very much  for sharing your amazing self with our group.  Not only did you have the skills necessary to guide the trip, but you shared your own unique gifts to make everyone feel involved, cared for and necessary!  And then there were the delicious conversations, music, jokes and camaraderie – please keep making music and making the world a much better place with your intelligence, humor and leadership!

Seattle, WA

My husband, young adult daughter and I had a wonderful morning of kayaking with our guide John. John was exceptionally knowledgeable about the biology of the sea and sea life and we learned so much from him in addition to just having a beautiful adventure on the sea. Sally, the owner is also a wealth of knowledge about the area and both she and John were helpful to us as new visitors to the island. If you book a trip we highly recommend our guide, John.

Trip Advisor

September, 2017

Had a beautiful trip. Sun, great kayaks, camping, harbour seals, porpoises, kelp, orca’s, eagles, racoons, deer. Good company, swimming in the cool orca water, bioluminescent water that lights up the sea. Calm sea’s for paddling. Thanks Cole you are a great guide.

Trip Advisor

July, 2017

I just wanted to drop you a line to make sure you know how special our trip in the San Juans with you was! I had so many amazing moments – it has been very inspiring, and it is mostly due to your positive energy and enthusiasm for what you do – it is absolutely contagious! Thank you for leading us all in an experience that I’m sure we will all remember dearly for the rest of our lives!

Emily La Shorne
Brooklyn, NY

Everyone had a safe and enjoyable trip this past weekend! Thanks for your comprehensive service, and I will recommend you to anyone I encounter wishing to rent kayaks in the San Juan Islands.

Jeff Thompson
The Dalles, OR

It was a pleasure paddling with you!  I enjoyed the “lessons” about bull kelp and paddling strokes!  I am impressed by your life story and inspired to stay on the water myself, as it brings me much comfort.  Thank you again for a memorable experience!  The trip was everything I imagined and more!

Laura Mar
Cambridge, MA

Thanks, Tim!  I had a fantastic time and truly appreciated how thoughtful and organized your three day trip was!  It was definitely the best way to experience sea kayaking for the first time!  The equipment was first-rate, your knowledge was invaluable and I appreciated your direction and encouragement as our guide!  I will definitely recommend your trip and hope to be back!

Julie Willenbrock
Richardson, TX

I am glad Claire and I were able to participate in the final leg of your 25th season. The San Juans are quite wonderful to explore and we enjoyed our little taste of the islands very much. Your equipment was excellent and the assistance we received from you was much appreciated. Moving up our timeline at the last minute added tremendously to our trip. Hopefully, we’ll be back someday. Much continued success and happiness.

Joe & Claire Hageman
New Bern, NC

Thanks again for a fabulous trip!  You helped make our experience in the San Juans very special!  It was a pleasure paddling with you!  You are a wonderful guide full of knowledge, expertise and leadership skills!  Yeeha!

Julie Jorling
Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you so much for your very thorough instructions and trip details for our first kayak trip! It was really incredible and not as scary as I though it might be! Your kayaks are stable and I felt very safe!! We look forward to renting kayaks from you again and will definitely recommend you to our friends!! It was a blast!

Frank and Heidi Lyman
Seattle, WA

A quick note to thank you for your excellent rental service and arranging the beautiful three days of “sky blue” weather for us!  Looking forward to paddling in your area in the future!

Derek Endress
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

After all the other wildlife we’d seen on the trip, the orcas were icing on the cake! The memories of their glistening backs, the metallic ‘whoosh’ of their breathing, the newborn calf will be with me forever.  Thanks to you, Tim, we had a front row seat in the bull kelp!  Your knowledge of the whales and their habits made it so that we had the best of all vantage points!  Your expertise gave all of us the experience of a lifetime!  Thank you.

Linda Ewing
Chebeague Island, ME

I’m on my way home from Seattle this morning. I just wanted to say thanks for all you did for us. The trip was safe, fun, varied, challenging, delicious, relaxing, informative and beautiful. All the best to you.

Christin Arnini
Bethany, CT

Sarah and I wanted to thank you again for making our vacation to your backyard one we will never forget. Everything was top notch including your jokes. Your passion for kayaking and years of experience made the trip a very special one for us and the entire group I am sure. I am still working on the pictures but what I’ve seen so far are great. As soon as I have them finished I will let you know. We wish you all the best for the rest of this season and continued success in your 29th season. Thanks again.

Mary Robbins

Many thanks for helping out our YMCA group two weekends ago.  Your suggestions and direction made our trip both an adventure and stress free.  Thank you for the time you gave me on the phone, for meeting with us on Sunday morning and for your suggestions on where to camp and hike.  We had a wonderful trip and you were instrumental in making it so!”

Kevin M
Vancouver, WA

My girlfriend and I rented a tandem kayak from you for a three day trip from July 10 to 12.  We just wanted to say thank you for providing us with great rental equipment and good, sound advice.  It was one of our best trips.

Henry Miyashita and Sienna Wong
Colima, CA

I wanted to send you a brief thank you note. Kathy and I had a great time on our trip with you – it was over much too quickly -and we are having fun recounting our experiences to family, friends and co-workers. We particularly enjoyed the short hikes and the sunsets and your sharing of your knowledge about the area and the things we were seeing. We will be back for another whale encounter. Thanks.

Al Raymond
Minneapolis, MN

We had a great time kayaking with you! Thank you for sharing your expertise and sense of fun with us.   I hope I can keep a little of your joy of life now that I’m back at my daily grind. You have a true gift for creating a sense of trust and community among perfect strangers. Good luck and light winds.

Virginia Mohl
Red Lodge, MT

I can’t tell you enough how wonderful the trip was for Amanda and me!  It is a wonderful place to visit, and your leadership made it into a truly unforgetable experience for us!  It was a real privilege to have you share your knowledge, experience and passion with us!  Our only regret was that the trip wasn’t longer!

Robert and Amanda Sharpe
Castro Valley, CA

For my dear cousin’s wedding, I collaborated with Sally to coordinate a special kayak trip for the wedding guests. Her professionalism and flexibility made the planning process a delight. Everything from picking a special launch time to choosing a good spot for optimal wildlife watching was made super simple by these wonderful folks. Our guides were friendly, knowledgeable and very skilled at getting our fun-loving and sometimes rambunctious group out on the water and back in time for our rehearsal dinner. The moment we arrived at the check-in kiosk, we were warmly welcomed by Sally and our guides, and that friendly spirit made the trip memorable for everyone. From start to finish, we had a fabulous time with San Juan Kayak Expeditions!

Delara Marshbank
Westminster, Co – Summer 2015

Tim was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in helping us set up our trip. His equipment is excellent and his communication and customer service were fantastic.

Trip Advisor

June, 2017

Thanks for being who you are!  You helped make our trip fantastic!  It was a pleasure renting a tandem from you!  The jelly fish, seals and sea lions, the eagles, the perfect camp spot..all so worth it!  Thanks again!

Tyler and Katrina Kope
Seattle , WA

I loved paddling through the islands along varied and pristine shores but, after that first day of feeling the wind in my sail, I must admit, I was addicted! Sailing that way opened my senses, and I couldn’t get enough! I marveled at the lingering smiles on all of our faces!  And it was a nice break from paddling. Ingenious, Tim!

Sharon Stranahan
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We want you to know we had such a great time and your instructions were invaluable! The weather was great and the campsites were amazing! We are hooked and will most definitely rent from you again but perhaps will bring friends with us next time!

Christina Lewis
Tacoma, WA

We came out of the whole experience delighted, educated and inspired. Above all, we felt safe and secure because not only did Cole know what he was doing but we knew that this company had been in business for a long time and had great reviews. We hope our review will help others decide to use this company to kayak with. We leave you with the highest rating!!!!!


Trip Advisor
June, 2017

Thanks for going beyond our expectations on our first Sea Kayaking experience! Can’t say enough about our guides Tara and Cole making our trip a very memorable one!! Their experience and knowledge of the islands, sea and creatures were amazing!! I have only been home less than a week and have passed on the experience to family and friends who hope to make San Juan Kayak Expeditions a life experience for themselves!

Trip Advisor
June, 2017

We wanted to learn to paddle correctly and increase our sea kayaking skills on our trip, and we really did!  Working together our group looked like seasoned veterans, smooth and in sync both in the boats and in camp! No one out there matched our proficiency!  And that made it so much more enjoyable!  Thanks, Tim for your knowledge and patience!

Jason & Jody Mayberry
Beaverton, OR

We just wanted to give you extra thanks for working so hard paddling so my wife could feel more secure and enjoy the beautiful scenery during the 3-day trip we took with you last week. Although neither of us was very experienced at kayaking or seamanship we felt safe paddling in the ocean under your experienced and observant leadership, and were very pleased with the individual attention you gave us. We’re glad we took this trip with you instead of the other tour operators. Best Regards and Happy Paddling!

Jeff & Alicia Bastl

Thanks for a fabulous trip. What a great way to see a beautiful part of the world.

Terri Furman
Broomfield, CO

I apologize that I did not get to write this sooner but I just got back to Atlanta yesterday. I had an amazing time on Sunday with A.J. and Gina. They were phenomenal. Thank you for letting them take me out. I can’t ask for more than a personal guided Whales Ho! tour. They were nice, educated, friendly, and wanted to make sure I had a great time. AJ was patient with my paddling techniques.

I found you on trip adviser so I will leave good feedback. I want to come back sometime when it’s summer. If I can come back, I will make sure to use you guys again. You guys were great. Thank you again!

Justin Romanko

Your name was given to me along with several others by the San Juan County Parks and when I looked at the different websites I liked what you had to say.  The real clincher though was the time you took to explain all the options and features you offer when I spoke to you on the phone…excellent customer service!  I really appreciated all the information and your grace in delivering it!  Thank you.

John and Lorraine Doerr
Bainbridge Island, WA

Thank you very much for your wonderful service in support of our trip last week in the San Juans! My son and I had a very, very good time! The paddle around Pear Pt. was a grand adventure, and we’re still thumping ourselves on the backs for doing it!

Sam Magill
Edmonds, WA

Jury’s deep knowledge of island ecology, tidal currents, and boat terminology, in combination with his kayaking tips and his truly enjoyable companionship made our trip especially memorable.

Sonia, Even, Thea, David
July, 2017

Many thanks for a really wonderful 4-day trip. It fulfilled all our expectations and more. Particular thanks for taking the time to show such interest and care of Genevieve. I know it will be a truly memorable adventure for her and a lifetime achievement…just what Dad hoped for!

Norgrove and Anne
Victoria, BC, Canada

I was thrilled to be on your expedition this weekend, oh the laughter, what a great group!  You are a fabulous, fun and witty man with a heart of gold!  Your experience instills great confidence in all who travel with you and your stories and facts of nature(embellished or not) are great entertainment!   I am forever grateful to know you and hope to travel with you again!

Deb Young
Santa Rosa, California

We came, we paddled, we laughed, we conquered. Thanks,Tim for our sixth great trip. They just keep getting better. Just wish we could have won a game of horseshoes.

Craig and Ryan Britt
West Seattle, WA

The philosophy of this company is light years away from the usual assembly line, tourist in-tourist out company. We had an incredibly fun day. So much fun in fact, that the next night we took the Sunset Tour. What can I say beautiful, awesome, hilarious, breathtaking, an indelible family memory for years to come! I’m chomping at the bit to get back and experience a 4-day expedition.Thanks for the spectacular memories SJKE! Huge Thumbs Up!
Trip Advisor Review

If you are coming to the San Juans, a trip with San Juan Kayak Expeditions is a must. We had a group of 8. The other outfits had very large numbers of paddlers. I prefer to kayak in a small group with a knowledgeable guide, and to see lots of marine life.

Trip Advisor

July, 2017

“I am so glad you encouraged me to take the four day trip. The spectacular beauty of the islands could not be experienced any other way. I felt so strong! From the wake-up flute to the campfire at night, each day was a gem. Thank you, thank you.”

Jane Gilbreath
Kansas City, MO

Sally and Tim responded to my call, and put together a fabulous morning of kayaking for 78 cycling enthusiasts. As a fellow operator of active-tours, I can recommend them without reservation.

Bill McCready, President and Founder
Santana Cycles – Summer, 2015

Thanks for making this an extraordinary experience for all of us…from start to finish.

Mark Epley
Portland, OR


All photos in our website have been contributed by past guests. Thanks to all who have shared their experience! And special thanks to guest Philip Robinson for his fun pics.

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